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My name is Douglas,

This website is all about the art of creating computer games.

It is not about using the latest technologies to create stunning special effects in one click, which can be a good thing perhaps, but I think having a deeper understanding of many game elements that make up a good game can be more rewarding. Getting to the core in other words. I think a balance between new and old is probably what we should be aiming for if that makes any sense at all.

On this website you will find resources related to DirectX, C++, Java, Android and 3d Studio Max.

All the content on this website is a collection of my personal experience in 3D graphics and programming with a view to creating games. I hope you find it useful. I have provided downloadable source code for everything covered in the tutorials and you may find it beneficial to use the code without fully understanding it, for example rather than learning all the details and complexities required to load an animated character into a game, you could just use the existing SkinnedMesh class that has been provided and that will do the job for you. All you have to do in that case is examine the functions of the SkinnedMesh class to get a feel for it without actually looking at the implementations of the functions as in "black box" testing. There are however other functions you can use that work with SkinnedMesh class however like D3DXFrameFind(). If you need extra explanation, you can always refer to the more detailed descriptions covered in the tutorials.